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who we are

Isilumko, a multi-award-winning Integrated Marketing Agency, specializes in creating connections, engagement, and experiences that bring your brand to life through meaningful insights. As a BBBEE Level 1 Black Woman Owned company with 26 years of heritage, established in 1995, we are recognized as one of the leading marketing agencies in the country. With wholly owned offices in 5 major cities, our team provides hands-on, agile, and locally focused services including solid project management, optimization and executional excellence. We are a dynamic, high-energy team with a passion for building and maintaining long-standing client partnerships, with a strong emphasis on ROI, consumer insights, and delivering impactful and creative solutions. We connect the brand with the consumer and ensure successful go-to-market campaign results.

Isilumko Activate originated from StudentWise, a brand well-known among South Africa’s successful business leaders as a source of extra money and good times during their student days. We proudly maintain this legacy by offering future corporate leaders the chance to gain valuable work experience, work in a team, develop leadership skills, and interact with top brands – all while boosting their bank accounts.

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what we do

Our expertise in various marketing categories spans across multiple channels and initiatives, utilizing a 360-degree, integrated approach. We gather meaningful insights to create innovative and relevant concepts. Our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, key performance indicators, and campaign objectives allows us to add value and deliver successful outcomes.

Marketing Communication Strategy

Digital Marketing

Online Media

Social Media Support / Management

CSR Marketing

USSD and Loyalty Programs

Experiential Marketing

Creative Design, Print and Production

Brand Activations

Traditional Trade Solutions

Events, Expos Roadshows and Conferences

Our Clients

Isilumko Activate positions your brand for success by providing relevant insights and breakthrough concepts, delivered impeccably. We prioritize strategic partnerships and collaboration for the successful implementation and optimization of each project, with a focus on positive and meaningful contributions for all stakeholders.

Meet our executive team

Unlock the full potential of your brand with Isilumko Activate! Founded in 1995, we are a premier promotional company in South Africa, helping brands stand out and find their unique voice. Our team of seasoned brand promoters and numerous awards speak to our expertise in making your brand shine.

Our focus is on creating tailored, impactful promotions that deliver results. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations has earned us widespread recognition in the industry. With a presence in 5 major cities in South Africa, we bring creative solutions and a results-driven approach to each project. Let us assist you in finding your brand’s voice and reaching your target audience.

Raise your brand’s profile with a trusted promotional company. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, promotional companies prioritize creating unforgettable experiences that engage customers. This can come in the form of brand activations, in-store launches, or experiential marketing events that generate buzz.

Promotional companies are a crucial aspect of marketing, falling under the category of promotion in the 4Ps (product, price, place, promotion). They know that even the best product or price won’t matter if customers aren’t aware of it.

With the highly competitive South African consumer market, you need a promotional partner that delivers results. Make a lasting impression on your audience with a promotional event that will leave them in awe.

Promotions companies across South Africa bring promotional events to life. Their services encompass:

  • Crafting brand activations
  • Gathering customer insights through field marketing
  • Creating impactful experiential marketing events
  • Developing innovative trade show solutions
  • Providing design, print, and production of promotional materials
  • Strategizing media plans
  • Overseeing events, expos, roadshows, and conferences

Whether it’s in supermarkets, conference halls, corporate meetings, or on the street, promotional companies have the expertise to understand your product/service, analyze the industry, and create a promotional campaign to drive business growth. The outcome is increased brand awareness, increased customer base, and increased sales.

Why do brands market themselves? To make sure their customers know about their fantastic products or services. Even the biggest companies, like Coca Cola, continue to promote themselves, because success can’t be relied on alone.

When a brand launches a new product or service, they put a lot of thought and time into perfecting every aspect. But not everyone understands this, which is where a promotional company like Isilumko Activate comes in. We help explain why customers should choose your product/service through personal and impactful events.

Bespoke, in-person events create a buzz that extends to the online world. Brands often lack the time or expertise to create a comprehensive promotional strategy, and that’s where we come in. With the resources and experience to run successful marketing campaigns, we can transform your brand image and meet tight deadlines.

Promotional marketing can vary from small-scale field campaigns to big corporate events for new product launches. It doesn’t have to be physical, as digital marketing strategies for digital services can include a temporary free subscription offer. There are 7 major types of promotions:

  1. Advertising: traditional adverts on radio, TV, or print are widely known. But contemporary advertising has evolved, such as using social media to go viral and generate hype through in-person events.
  2. Direct Selling: eliminate the middleman with direct sales, which has moved from mail or phone to group sales meetings or email campaigns to promote a product or brand.
  3. Sales Promotion: a combination of media and non-media communications to create excitement during a specific period. Examples: product launch, boost sales, content or raffles, seasonal discounts, and discounted subscription fees.
  4. Public Relations: traditional methods like trade shows or guest writing in newspapers promote your authority in the industry and interest in your product/service without a hard sell to customers.
  5. Product Placement: discreetly showcasing a product in TV shows or movies (e.g James Bond’s cars or watches, food in sitcoms) to increase sales.
  6. Endorsement and Sponsorship: utilizing established brands or celebrities to raise profile, create high-interest events, and raise brand awareness. This could be a written endorsement or a brand collaboration.
  7. Guerrilla Marketing: a non-mainstream promotional campaign that directly contacts the public to create grassroots momentum for your product. Social media can be used to promote outdoor events and sales promotions to get customers talking and potentially go viral.